DatStat Live Customer Outage

Dear Valued Customer,

Due to an error on our servers, "live.datstat.com", "live.datstathost.com", and "livesas.datstathost.com" and all of its applications became unreachable starting at 04:00 AM PST on October 11, 2017. We apologize for the disruption and the inconvenience that this has caused your business.

After working through the issue this morning, we have isolated and corrected the problem. The changes are now in place and we expect all services to be restored back to normal as of 09:00 PST on October 11, 2017.

What was the impact? All applications running on this server were non-functional. This is directly affected any user activity within all DatStat products, including user web interfaces and data collection forms.

What was the issue and will this happen again? The issue was caused by a process getting hung up during the installation of a Microsoft Security patch. Once this was resolved, the patch was successfully installed. We have updated our processes so that all patches are installed during our standard maintenance windows to provide more consistency to our customers. We have increased the monitoring and alerting on all of our servers, so that we are notified more quickly and can address the issues as soon as possible.

The DatStat Team